Away Spray

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Insect Deterrent

Linen Spray

8oz - $33


This product has been a long time coming. I make product for personal use, and then if someone asks me for it, or word starts getting round, I'll put it on the site. Now out of pre-order phase, "Away Spray!"

Away Spray is a general bug deterrent. I take this with me when I'm going outside, I spray the blanket after lying it on the grass. I spray my linen before I go to bed.

Vetiver and clove essential oils are incredibly powerful and often overlooked when it comes to repellents. Away Spray also includes, Mug Wort. Mug Wort is not only a mosquito repellent, but is known to encourage dreaming. Vetiver has powerful calming properties, so much so, it's considered an anti-psychotic. Clove, however, is that super spice. There are more than a few who cannot tolerate it at all. Its deterring abilities stretch beyond the insect kingdom and you have to be careful with those with clove sensitivities. Spray lightly, observe your tolerance before you go gung ho. 

It is also very soothing to insect bites, with witch hazel as an anti-inflammatory.

50% Ethyl alcohol (Flammable)

The smell is not in the world of pretty. It is smoky and medicinal with undertones of spice. 

Flammable. Keep away from children, eyes and mucous membranes. Discontinue use if irritant.