Black Soap : 2 - 5 oz bars

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What a Great Deal! Black soap, hands down, is the best soap I've ever used. Made in Ghana, I regard it as raw indigenous soap because, no matter where you're from in the world, if your Mother or Grandmother made soap, Black Soap is familiar to you. Using the local plant ash (cocoa pods and plantains) and the local plant oil (shea butter and palm oil), this soap is used not just for the body, but for the floors, dishes, clothes etc.

Black Soap lathers beautifully and leaves you squeaky clean. However, a word of caution: The first time I used Black soap, It took me two days to acclimate. I experienced redness and burning. Now, Black soap is a staple in my home and I use it when I need to deeply cleanse my skin. I use it for 2 weeks to a month and then retire it for a month or three. There are people who praise Black soap for its wonderful acne removing abilities, for it's skin tightening abilities, and there are others who denounce it for being too harsh. I completely understand both perspectives, and you will know immediately whether or not Black soap is for you. That being said, discontinue use if irritation occurs. 2 - 5+ oz bars