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Things you need to know about Hand Sanitizer!

This hand sanitizer journey has stirred up some things in me that have been urging at my soul for some time: A Line of Cleaning Products. This hand sanitizer need I was able to quickly fill and the need for Surface sanitizer is a separate one. It is hand sanitizer without emollients, moisturizers so that our hands won't curse us. 

I've also learned some amazing things about alcohol in this search for ever dwindling resources. Many in their pursuit for disinfectants purchase methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol is neither ethyl nor isopropyl. In the distilling of alcohol, methyl pours off first and is generally discarded in the home brewing process. Turns out, it is the simplest form of alcohol and can be deadly. 

So, this incredibly pure alcohol is often substituted for ethyl alcohol in hand sanitizers. Often unmarked. It is only discovered when someone drinks that alcohol based hand sanitizer, yes, drinks it, and ends up in the emergency room. It is then that the patient reveals the culprit and the unmarked use of methyl alcohol is discovered.

A hospital in China bought some industrial grade denatured alcohol for their doctors. Its use resulted in severe contact dermatitis. Many of the doctors stopped using it but some continued. When one doctor noticed he was going blind, yes, blind, he stopped using it and his sight, while damaged, returned. Link to publication below.

I thought of all of my peers in the health and beauty industry. All of us racing to make hand sanitizer before the shut down. Racing to buy containers, pumps, labels and alcohol. Alcohol, highly coveted and price increasing before our very eyes. I thought about my peers who came out with low ball prices not accounting for the instant tripling of the price of alcohol. None of us distillers, with the capacity to brew large amounts of alcohol, legally. 

In the search for the dwindling supply, what would we find? How many of us would unknowingly buy industrial grade denatured alcohol? A google for denatured alcohol returns Ethyl alcohol. But, that's not the whole story. It's cut. And not all suppliers know the answer to the cut or have the white paper listed to provide facts about origins and percentages. How many of us in the rush to provide a necessary good will purchase this cut rate product and possibly destroy a life or three. And it's not just the small brands that make this mistake either. Check the publication below.


Aromastories hand sanitizer has a 75% concentration of alcohol. Our alcohol solution is made of 95% Ethyl alcohol with 5% Isopropyl alcohol. Made with love, duty and honor. You can buy it here: https://aromastories.com/products/spray-sanitizer


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