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This is an Aromastories version of a WHO recipe.

This 75% ethyl alcohol hand spray sanitizer is combined with emollients to leave your hands soft and essential oils to leave you with an appealing unisex fragrance.

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If this weren't a spray sanitizer, it would be an eau de toilette. It is beautiful. It contains the dark and rich green tea extract that I've been brewing since I returned from China, Apr/May 2019. The touch of that smoky essence really brought this product full circle. I'd intended to make a spray moisturizer to commemorate my experience with the Silk Road, in Addis Abbaba and Shanghai. I'd intended on combining ingredients from my travels. I had my label sketched out. It was going to be amazing. I wasn't going to hold back. I was going to soul all over it, just like my husband despises when he says, "less is more!" I was going to cross the fine line between legible to consumers and appreciated by fellow artists, in the artist direction.  I had no idea that my commemorative product would be a spray sanitizer in these troubling times. The background art is titled "Furisode with a Myriad of Flying Cranes" (1910-1920) by anonymous. Original from the Rijksmuseum. (Creative Commons 1.0). I like how the red, infected crane is flying with the sedge (flock). Or is the healthy red crane flying among infected white cranes? The art felt very apropos, beautifully.

My actual commemorative product will be taking a back seat.

I’ve had to edit my description to omit certain terms. This particular product is not allowed to be advertised on popular social media networks.

Good health to us all!

Jasmine Gant