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Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray

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  • Hand sanitizers kill harmful bacteria and viruses on the skin. The alcohol denatures the proteins in the microorganisms, leading to their death.
  • Washing your hands with soap and water is the best method of removing germs and bacteria from your hands, but sometimes it's just not possible.
  • It is recommended that we sanitize our hands regularly and especially before eating. It is also recommended that we avoid touching our face.
  • Aromastories hand sanitizer boast a 75% ethyl alcohol level, that's 10% higher than what's recommended. Combined with emollients, our formula not only cleans but moisturizes your hands.
  • Our appealing, unisex formula leaves a smoky green tea, lemongrass and sandalwood essence in its wake. The spray applicator allows you to control how much product you use.
  • This non-drying formula leaves your skin soft and smelling great. It is safe for your skin.
  • Our formula contains 75% ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, green tea extract and essential oils including lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood and cardamom. 



  • Item Form: Spray
  • Weight: 1 oz, 8 oz
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