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Soap (Assorted)

Soap (Assorted)

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Aromastories Soap is an indulgent, enchanting, aromatic cleansing experience. Every bar is handcrafted with love and made with saponified high-quality olive and coconut oils, vegetable glycerin, and therapeutic essential oils. The Soap cleanses and nourishes the skin with its balance of ingredients. Great for all skin types.

These Soap Bars pack a lot of essential oil, and a lot of fun. Never take an ordinary bath or shower again. Make the most of your bath or shower routine. Make it a total experience. Indulge in the aromatics of Aromastories Natural Soap for hands, face, and body.

Choose from an incredible collection of natural fragrances. Our Soap will leave your skin beautifully clean and refreshed. Use our soaps from head to toe. Suitable for people of all ages and skin types. Restore your skin's health and follow with Aromastories' Body Butter to seal in the moisture.


  • Item Form: Bar
  • Weight: 5 oz (approx.)
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