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Ghanaian Shea Butter and Black Soap Bar

Ghanaian Shea Butter and Black Soap Bar

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Pure Ghanaian Shea Butter penetrates deep into your skin to make it better. You are left with skin that looks youthful and is super smooth to the touch. High quality and minimally processed to ensure the true properties of Shea Butter come through to your skin. Protects, nourishes, and softens from hair to toe.

Black Soap is made from palm fronds, cocoa pods, shea butter, and palm oil. It is real Black Soap. This Bar of Soap is a unique cleansing bar that uses the best of nature to go beyond cleansing to combat acne, tighten skin and minimize pores.

This Shea Butter and Black Soap package leaves skin naturally nourished, soft, and smooth. Moisturizing and suitable for all skin types. It lathers beautifully and leaves you squeaky clean. This black soap is a must have in your beauty cabinet. Use it from head to toe and follow up with shea butter for skin perfection.

4 oz Shea butter and approx 5 oz Black Soap.


  • Item Form: Butter, Soap
  • Use For: Whole Body
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