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Lavender Body Butter 4oz

Lavender Body Butter 4oz

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Our Lavender Body Butter is highly beneficial to the skin. It can even be used to reduce stress and induce feelings of relaxation and comfort. Smooth on this body butter and breathe in its comforting scent as you escape to a peaceful lavender field.

Lavender Body Butter is a classic. This body butter does not hold back in giving you lavender immersion along with soft and supple skin. Enjoyed by many, just before bed. It retains the moisture and seals it into your skin.

Our body butter can be used everywhere. Keep a jar of our body butter in your bag, the drawer at work, and even on your nightstand so you can easily reach it anytime to soothe your skin. Our Body Butter Cream is perfect as a daily moisturizer for your entire body, including your face and dry patches on your elbows, knees, etc.


  • Item Form: Butter
  • Skin Type: All
  • Weight: 4 Oz
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