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Sandalwood Vetiver Body Butter 4oz

Sandalwood Vetiver Body Butter 4oz

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Our most regal Body Butter. This seductive, enchanting and androgynous body butter is effective as a moisturizer and appropriately romantic as a fragrance. I'm impressed with this combination.

Sandalwood Vetiver Body Butter is an inherently masculine and baritone combination. It is simply beautiful. It has a rich and smoky woodsy aroma that lingers.

Olive oil, Shea butter and Beeswax infused with high quality essential oil moisturizes, soothes and scents the skin. The combination is a classic and traditional blend that nourishes and presents aging of the skin. It adds shine, suppleness and luster to the skin. It's rich in nutrients that benefit the skin, and helps seal in moisture to keep skin soft.

For best results, use this ultra-moisturizing formula daily. This Body Butter is silicone and paraben-free, and for use on all skin types. Explore our other body butter fragrances.


  • Item Form: Butter
  • Weight: 4 Oz


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